Pool3 is an integrated system that allows you to manage all the activities in a facility with tanks occupation and instructor management.

- Registry (Customers, instructors, operators and lifeguards);
- Courses and Seasons Management;
- Pool Management;
- Courses Planning Management;
- Management of pool occupation and presences;
- Subscriptions Management;
- Cash Management, cash flow (5 levels), daily closing;
- Paying stats;
- Students Priority Registration;
- Final balance of instructors presences and pool chief validation;
- Automated salaries for instructors, lifeguards and assistants;
- Pool Border Management from your Tablet
- Lane change directly from the poolside

In addiction POOL3 allows to have
Inside company alerts;
Technical alerts directly with our software department;
Automated updates of releases so to be always updated to the latest version;
Customized updates for each individual client.


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