The IT department of each company is constantly evolving, just think about the various software products  licensing or the introduction of BYOD mode (Bring your own device ) that is making more and more its way in companies.

Every business has the need and the duty to use its forces in its own business to find support from the IT department.
Thanks to these needs TT Studio Informatica has developed three different modes of delivery: TURNKEY, HELP DESK, PACK.
This activity is performed by defining with the customer strict service levels to be respected and expected . Activity will include both routine maintenance (prevention) and interventions manutnezione urgent maintenance interventions.

We assist clients in all the necessary steps of workflow computerization:
• design and create the physical network infrastructure (cabling , connections , etc.);
• provide active and passive network equipment ( routers, switches , etc.);
• get a logical network for the infrastructure (IP addressing , segmentation of multiple networks , routing, etc.);
• design services necessary to the better functioning of the workflow : document management, data and messaging exchange systems, safety and security, etc.;
• provide the most appropriate hardware, or adapt the existing;
• test and verify the correct functioning of the whole system;
• guarantee over time the efficiency and effectiveness of installed systems through repeated checks.

We assist our customers with a system technical support according to the agreements in the contract.

The service is available from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 18:00.

If you need assistance, you can:
- Call the number +39 340 16 02 204
- Write to
- Skype supporto_ttstudio_eu

For more information please contact us at

It 's the ideal solution for all those who need to have a TOP system support, by management of the CED in OUTSOURCING .
With the "turnkey" package you will be entitled to a periodic presence of one of our qualified system administrator at your company over time, in order to prevent failure and avoid any kind of problem.

It's the solution dedicated to all those organizations that require remote systems support or phone support. After an initial inspection and a first configuration to bring up to speed the infrastructure state,  you will receive targeted assistance without logistical costs that often make the difference (the best assistance directly on your computer without loss of time shift ).

It's the standard solution dedicated to companies that can not put EDP's costs in the annual budget, but still need 360° assistance mostly (but not only) concentrated in a given period.